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“I was so happy when I found [the Saint John Family Resource Centre] as I do not want to put my children in daycare, but I want them to be around other kids. Lucky for me, playgroup is more than just a place for my children to get socialization. They get to play and learn while I get to talk to other parents… get helpful advice and tools to teach and prepare my children for school, and play with my children. Both of my girls love playing with the toys, making crafts, having a snack, and singing songs.

Playgroup makes me feel like I belong to a community as I have a place to talk with people I consider friends, seek advice, and help other moms by sharing my experience.

My oldest daughter is very quiet and timid around people, but because of going to playgroup each week, she is talking a lot more, making friends, and becoming more comfortable in public places. I recommend playgroup to people at every opportunity as it has made a huge impact on mine and my children’s lives and I am very thankful that I get to be a part of it.”



“You really feel like you are part of something active. I really enjoyed the [parents’] enthusiasm and the enthusiasm of the people who work at the FRC. I think the Centre does a great job of creating an atmosphere of being a welcoming place, and a place that is good for the parents and for the kids, and where you are invited to be actively involved in all that.

It’s a learning environment not just for kids, but for parents as well. It helps parents in the neighbourhood come together over snack and coffee, and they become friends as their kids play together and form relationships. These types of programs are strong neighbourhood builders.”



[At the parenting program] you can share some great stories, as you all have so much in common as parents. Having come to the parenting program, I’m a lot more sure about what to do. It doesn’t always work, but I have a plan and some strategies. I’m doing something and that gives me confidence.



“I still think this is the best place I ever could have come. You say to yourself everyone else has kids the same ages as mine, so they must be going through the same things. It does make you feel a lot better to know you’re not the only person. It also feels good to speak with other “big people”, not just your own “little people”. I thought I could just stay home and be a good mom, but if you want them to be ready for life, it takes more than that.”